About Us

Underground Boards Inc. specializes in skateboards & longboards for all riding styles. Underground Boardshop is an online skateshop owned and operated by Mark Harris; Underground Longboards are the boards he makes.

At first it was just a Multi Media Design class project at McFatter Technical College in South Florida. But quickly evolved into Marks passion once he started riding more and creating unique boards for himself and others. Now his art is not only being seen around the world, it is being ridden upon. Underground Longboards are limited edition, hand painted boards made in small batches. To keep things unique, we never mass produce the same design repetitively. We want to give power to the artist to not only create their own art and boards. But also the power to create their own riding style. Stand out from the rest, be yourself.

Giving riders the best skating experience possible is what we are looking for. Therefore, Underground Boardshop strives to only offer the best equipment that is proven to perform at the highest level. The best bang for your buck. For the past few years Mark and his friends have been testing various different prototype Underground Longboards designs using different materials, sizes, shapes and concaves. Production will begin soon, we are just getting started here at Underground Boards Inc. Thank you for your continued support over the years, we are constantly learning and improving. Stay tuned, we are very excited to bring something new to the skate industry. 

High Fives and Positive Vibes

Skating is a incredibly fun, and healthy form of transportation that brings people together! Lets host more group ride skate sessions around the world! Together we can grow the skate scene in a position direction. Click here to see our events page. We ride all different types of boards and always strive to be unique. Support all styles of skating.

No Hating, Just Skating.


Lets all work together for the construction of better skate parks, pump tracks and snake runs-we need more places to ride! Lets ride safely to fight for the legalization of longboarding on public paths, paved trails, sidewalks, and beaches.