About Us

Underground Boardshop is an online skateshop specializing in skateboards & longboards for all riding styles. Mark opened the boardshop in 2019 when he realized he could sell more than just his own brand of boards. "Don't let other people tell you what to ride, you get to choose for yourself."

Underground Longboards are boards made, modified, or restored by Mark Harris. In early 2013 Mark started using Underground as the signature brand for his skate art. He found a passion in wood working, art, and distance skateboarding by restoring old beat up boards and giving them a creative twist.

Underground started as a class project in his multi media design course at McFatter Technical College in South Florida. He used his boards to get to school and around campus. Skateboarding & longboarding quickly became Marks passion. Not only was he building unique boards for himself and others, he was hosting skate events to get people out riding and learning. Now his boards are being ridden around the world. Underground Longboards are limited edition, handcrafted boards made in small batches. Mark and his friends have been riding and testing prototype boards since 2013. "We are constantly learning and improving. Giving riders the best skating experience possible is what we strive for."

We want to give power to the artist to not only create their own art but also the power to create their own riding style by helping you create the perfect board. Stand out from the rest, be yourself.



Skating is an incredibly fun and healthy form of transportation that brings people together! Lets host more group ride skate sessions around the world! Click here to see events.

Support all styles of skating. No Hating—Just Skating.

Always strive to be unique so we can appreciate others just as they are.