Meepo Extended Range Battery

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The e-skate revolution is here  and we’re excited to launch our ER battery. It’s designed for a new generation of Meepo Boards that are more powerful and have more range!

The Samsung 40T 21700 cells have the best overall specs. The battery is slightly bigger than SANYO 20700B battery, but features a doubled discharge current (60 amp on 10S2P).

Specifications of Meepo ER Battery:

Cells: Samsung 10s2p 40T 
Weight: 1460g
Configiration: 10s2p
Max discharge current: 60A
Dimension of ER battery : 153mm x 109mm x 46mm
Compatible with enclosures of Meepo NLS.

* ER battery doesn’t fit in enclosures of Meepo V2, V1.5 and V1. It’s not suggested to buy an ER battery to replace your battery for these boards because:

  1. You may need a Meepo V3 or NLS 2.0 ESCs (launching soon) to get the most power out of your ER battery.
  2. Drilling new holes on your V1, V1.5, V2 deck to fit with NLS case require some effort.
  3. Building and assembling the battery extension cable between ESC and ER battery is a challenge.

How is the ER battery different from other eskate batteries?

It’s more powerful, cooler when working, safer and hassle-free. In terms of the range, it has the same range as the SANYO battery and lasts 17 miles/ 27km on Meepo Boards.

Recharge circles: in general, its a battery you can use for 3 years at least.
The ER is supposed to keep more than 80% of its capacity after 500 times of full discharge. This applies if the battery is fully emptied. If there is still power left and you recharge the battery (what most riders do), more than 500 charging cycles can be expected. And even if it drop to 80% capacity, it’s still a good battery with 17 miles * 80%, 13.6 miles range.