Meepo V2 Remote

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There are 2 variants — REMOTE V2 and REMOTE FOR AWD.  You need to chose one. 

REMOTE V2 works with all meepo boards except the MEEPO AWD GT shipped after 15th Nov. 
(Meepo Board V1, Meepo Board V1.5, Meepo Board V2, Meepo Campus 1, Meepo Campus 2. Meepo AWD GT shipped before 15th Nov.)

REMOTE for AWD only works with Meepo AWD GT shipped after 15th Nov.

REMOTE  is with PP coating skin-friendly surface.

This remote includes 4 Modes

  • Beginner: Top Speed – 8 mph
  • ECO: Top Speed – 16 mph
  • Expert: Top Speed – 25 mph
  • Expert: Top Speed – 25 mph & Stronger Acceleration

Charge Time: 15 minutes
Battery Life: Roughly 2 weeks of riding per-charge, or 14 cycles of the board’s battery.
Charge Connector: USB Mini