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Backing Frame #102

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Configured to conform to the following trucks:

Gull Wing Bomber, Charger & Stalker
Randal II - 42' & 50'
Randal Comp & DH - 28', 50' & 60'

If you don't see your truck listed, e-mail us to see if it's compatible!

Sold as Pair

Material:  6061-T6 Aircraft grade Aluminum
Finish:  Polished Aluminum
Overall Dimensions: 4.375 x 2.50
Made in U.S.A.

 RipTide Backing Frames are designed to protect the integrity of any deck with drop through mounting.  Whether you drop mount or top mount these decks, the frames act as a large washer to spread the clamping force of the truck mounting hardware over a large area to reduce stress cracks and make the mounting more rigid.   For drop through mounting the trucks, the truck base plate goes on top of the deck and the Backing Frame goes on the bottom.  For top mounting the drop through deck, the Backing Frame goes on the top of the deck and the truck base plate does on the bottom of the deck.

We at RipTide Sports are committed to having 100% of our product line Made in the U.S.A.  Due to recent (and rather stout) manufacturing cost increases,we decided to implement an environmental change that we have been grappling with for a while.
So - rather than raise the prices on our U.S. Made 6061-T6 solid aluminum Backing Frames, they will no longer be available in the black-anodized finish.  As the process to anodize the product is quite toxic to the environment, we are pleased they will be tumble-polished and the 6061-T6 aircraft-quality aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant.