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PSD Mini Foot Stop

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Sold Individually with a washer, 1.75" bolt, nut, PSD sticker & a RipTide sticker.

Conforms to fit the concave of your board
Custom 60d Urethane
Lightweight .9 oz / 25 gm
Length: 1.85" / 47 mm
Width:  1.95" / 49.5 mm
Height:  .98" / 24.8 mm
Slot Length:  1.15" / 29.2 mm

Why would I choose to use a FootStop?

⦁ Gives you exactly the same starting/balance point each time you skate which allows you to skate with more confidence and consistency. If you skate at night, you always know where your foot is on your board just by feeling the footstop lock you in. You can keep your eyes on the road!